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Erotic massage demonstration hosted by Ropemyster
Posted on LoveVoodoo.com
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Member: Yostie61
Event Type: other party
Start Date: 12/1/2012
Length: 1
Start Time: 8:00:00 PM
End Time: 2:00:00 AM
Address: 73127, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City (get map)
Title: Erotic massage demonstration hosted by Ropemyster

Erotic + Sensual + Play= Unbelievable Orgasms

Cum and join the fun Dec. 1st at The Pink Duck as we celebrate Ropemyster's birthday with a night of Erotic Sensual Play.

It will be a fun filled night with free beer, toys and entertainment!

Here is just some of what to expect:

Watch as the Myster gives a demonstartion of ESP with his sexy assistant. Women let Ropemyster sensation you till you are almost at your limit. Men let Candy Lane fulfill her desire to please you while practicing her new skills of Erotic Sensation Play.

Free keg for all to enjoy (please don't drink and drive) plenty of hotel 


Free raffling for the following:

1) Myster sensation toys,

2) Professional Myoskeletal Alignment massage.

3). ESP ( erotic sensation play) session.

4) Free admission for two to the up coming Myster ESP class. Join the first 

class of its kind. Learn the art of sensation play and take your foreplay to a 

whole new level. For more details email ropemyster@yahoo.com

As always free sensation play & rope art at no cost.

Let's have fun and broaden your horizons! Bring your toys and lets PARTY!!!!

Come join the fun and see what Erotic Sensation Play can do to enhance foreplay.


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